Sticks and stones...

Yesterday at Thanksgiving dinner I was called a 'hipster'. 

I immediately went on the defence and asked why they would say such a thing. My cousin and her fiancé then pointed out the signs that led them to the comment.

I wear suspenders - I have a belly and suspenders keep my pants up and remove the chance of workman's ass.

I wear plaid - I'm at woodworker for Pete's sake...what am I supposed to wear?

I wear thick-rimmed, plastic-framed glasses - They are lighter on the face and I like the way they look.

I use 'product' in my hair - How the heck are you supposed to keep yourself from looking unkempt? 

I have an appathetic attitude about some things - I don't try to 'not care'...I just genuinely don't care about certain stuff.

I don't know maybe I'm a hipster...those of you who know me well can chime in to let me know. Either way I've never been one to worry about monikers or titles so...Meh.


Vic Tesolin2 Comments