Hangin' with the MWA

Last night I spent some time with the Dyami Plotke and Chris Adkins on the Modern Woodworkers Association podcast. A missing member of the threesome was Tom Iovino who had some lame "work related" reason for his absence. :-) This is a great podcast that lets the listener in on some cool conversations between woodworkers. The format allows for discussion and exploration of ideas with just the right amount of humour. We covered a bunch of topics like my upcoming book, my methods of work and even my fashion choices in the shop. Here is the link to the episode I was on.

The best part of the podcast is that there is no pretension or judgement of the way people choose to work. Sure there is some good-natured japing that goes on but we're woodworkers and that's what we do. So stop by their website and check things out.

In order to understand, you must do. V

Vic Tesolin2 Comments