Busy Few Weeks

September and October this year have been, and will continue to be, complete pandemonium for me. I just returned from a two-week business trip to the UK and October will be ram jammed with teaching gigs in Toronto and Peyton, CO. Having just recovered from the jet lag, I'm now gearing up to head down to Woodworking in America. I've been to this fabulous event many times before but this time will be different. This time I will be lecturing while I'm there and I will be going down independent of Lee Valley/Veritas to promote my first book, The Minimalist Woodworker, due to come out in late fall.

The cover of what represents an incredibly busy year of my life.

The cover of what represents an incredibly busy year of my life.

The lectures are going to focus on the way I woodwork using minimal power tools and hand tools a plenty. The first lecture will center around my ideology when it comes to woodworking and the second lecture will show speed and accuracy with hand tools as I build a project live at the bench. (What could possibly go wrong?) Check out this link to see more details about my lectures.

I will be travelling with my good friend Tom Fidgen. The drive should take us about 15 hours so we will have plenty of time to discuss...well...everything. Tom tells me he is going to bring his GoPro to film the high jinks. Tom and I are a bit prone to goofiness when we get together so it should be interesting. I will be bringing along one of ukuleles for some in-booth and evening entertainment and Tom plans on bring his guitar for some actual entertaining.

If you are already signed up for WIA, be sure to stop by my booth and say hi. Please also let me know if you are on one of the social media sites so I can put a username to a face. If you haven't signed up yet then what are you waiting for?

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