A Spot For Everything and Everything In It's Spot

I like wooden tool boxes and totes. For a woodworker they just feel like the right place to put your tools. When I first started teaching a number of years ago, I had one of those big-box, DIY store tool bags to move my tools around in and I always felt like my tools deserved better than that. 

You may remember a post that I did about my Uncle Karl and the tools and tote I inherited from him when he died. His tool tote is probably around 50 years old but it has faced the test of time beautifully and I still use it today when I travel to teach (unless I'm flying). 

Tool totes are nice for getting tools in and out of them but if there is any chance that the tote can be tipped over in transit you will end up with a big mess. 

 A while back I made a Japanese Tool Box just for the fun of it at a book signing event that I was doing at the Ottawa Lee Valley store. I have always been interested in the design and simplicity of them. The sliding lid is a simple way to make sure stuff doesn't fly out of them and the proud joinery takes the brunt of the knocks if the box gets banged around as they so often do. I find that I'm using this box more often nowadays because of it's size and convenience. I designed it to house my Jack plane on it's side as well as the joinery saws and other tools I typically use for teaching. 

On May 2nd, 2016 I'm going to be teaching a one-week class on the construction of this style of tool box at my Alma mater, Rosewood Studio. The week will start with design and proportion specific to the individual needs of the maker. We will then break out lumber and get building, all with just hand tools of course. We will use story sticks and whole-number ratios to do all the sizing because I don't like measuring or math that can get us into trouble. Once you learn to dump measuring tapes and rulers your life woodworking becomes so much easier. 

So why not come come spend a week up at Rosewood woodworking in a quiet, dust-free environment? We'll have some laughs, lots of learning and in the end, a beautiful box for you to take home. I hope to see you there.

BTW - These boxes aren't just for tools you know? They make fantastic keepsake boxes or decorative objects for your home. I warn you's hard to make just one. 

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