The Store Is Now Open

I'm very happy to announce that the eCommerce side of my new website is up and running. (I think) You must keep in mind that I'm a woodworker and not an eCommerce specialist so if things go awry (which they are wont to do) please be patient with me as I sort things out. If you look up to the top of the page you will see the 'Store' button just begging to be clicked. 

All that being said, at the moment there are two item for sale - one of which is my book. The other is a fun project that I have been working on with the  help and expertise of Jason Thigpen at Texas Heritage Woodworks.  The Minimalist Woodworker Tool Holster was born out of necessity for me. I am forever leaving tools here and there and I needed a way to keep a grip on them. I like wearing aprons for glue-ups and finishing (I highly recommend one of Jason's for the task) but I find aprons too warm for all the other work that gets done in my shop.

I've tried countless off-the-shelf options at the Borg and other hardware stores but none of them are really designed for furniture and cabinet making. I worked closely with Jason on this product and I think we have a winner. Jason is a woodworker as well so his feedback and advice came in handy during the design and testing phase. I know Jason made one for himself and maybe he will write a review in the comments below. 

Well that's it for now. There isn't a ton of products in the Minimalist Woodworker's store but the ones that are there are pretty solid.

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