Why The Heck Not?

The other day I was reading a post from Over the Wireless by Kieran. In that post he was talking about making a bench and was preparing to jump down the rabbit hole associated with researching the build. In some of the comments on Face Book, the topic of what woods to use came up and the word 'oak' got mentioned.

With so much maple available in North America, It never really dawned on me to use oak for a bench...but why the heck not? It's hard and heavy and would work just fine. I will be adding two new benches to my new larger shop: a joinery bench at elbow height and a lower bench for assembly. I think I may have just found the wood I'm going to use for the joinery bench. 

I'll keep you posted.

Out of curiosity...what's your bench made out of? Comment below or on Face Book or Twitter.

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Vic Tesolin14 Comments