Visiting Another of the Colonies

The last couple of weeks have been a blur. My family was gearing up to take possession of the house we had built and finally moved in last Friday. As most of you know packing, moving and unpacking is quite a lot of work. As the movers where bringing my machines and tool chest into my new basement shop, I tried to stay sequestered in there to get things set up but the boss had other plans for my talents. That being said the shop is only about 50% set up with the important bits ready to go.

This is what happens when movers are left unattended.

This is what happens when movers are left unattended.

All the essentials are ready to go.

All the essentials are ready to go.

Alas, the shop will have to wait because on Saturday I will be boarding a plane headed for Australia! I'm heading down with my co-worker Wally to work with our Australian and New Zealander distributors Carbatec or more specifically, Maxis. It's going to be a hectic schedule of both staff training and public lectures on the joys of Veritas tools. The link will give you more info on the tour and where Wally and I are going to be. I've never been to Australia so I'm really looking forward to the trip...though the 16-hour flight might be a bit of a drag but it sure beats walking eh?

Speaking of Australia...Australian Wood Review magazine recently wrote a thoughtful review of The Minimalist Woodworker. Have a read if you like. [proud papa moment]

At the end of the tour we will be heading north to spend some time with our Chinese distributors in Nanjing and then east to Seoul to meeting with out Korean counterparts. All told, Wally and I are looking at 4 weeks and over 40 000 km total for this trip. Poor Wally is going to have had enough of my big personality by the end of it.

So if you are able to attend any of the events it would be great to see you. I'm looking forward to talking to all the woodworkers from Down Under and Asia - so stop by and say hey. I likely won't have much time for full-on blog posts but keep an eye on my Instagram, Facebook and Twitter feeds for photos and fun from the trip.

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