On The Fence

We take possession of our new house and 10 days which means that I'll be into my new shop soon. I spent some time in my current shop yesterday just looking around at what I have, what I can get rid of and what is defiantly coming. I've spent almost 10 years in this shop and even though my new shop will be much larger and better set up, I'm going to miss this place.

One of the things I have been struggling with is a new tool purchase. My wife Christina has asked for some built-in furniture in the new house and that means working with plywood. I suppose I don't have to work in plywood but it's the best approach for what we have planned. I don't have a table saw and certainly don't want one so I'm taking a serious look at a Festool TS75 and extractor. I have worked with them before and a couple of my private students own them and I think it is going to be the right approach. Taking the tool to the 4 x 8 sheet makes more sense to me than slinging heavy sheets onto a table saw. 

I'm also pretty impressed with the dust collection you get when teamed up with a dust extractor. Dust is a big concern in my shop because it is in the basement and I don't want the stuff scattered all over the house. 

I guess the part I'm struggling with is the cost - at just under $2k I'm cringing a bit. I'm wondering if I can just get by with my Skilsaw and a straight-edge. This wouldn't even be an issue in my current shop because I wouldn't have the space to handle sheet goods in the first place. 

Any how....1st world problems, I know.

How do you deal with plywood in your shop? Other than a table saw what are your methods for breaking down sheets?

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