Everyone Needs A Blacksmith

Can you imagine having the ability to have tools made for you, to your specs and your design? You can - you just need a blacksmith. I've got one and he's always keen to try something new. My brother (in arms) Nick is a great buddy to have. I first met him at a community wood shop in Ottawa called My Urban Workshop. He has the skills of a woodworker aaaand does cool stuff with hot steel. 

My first tool I bought from him was a drawknife. This neat piece of kit is made from a railway tie clip and not only does it work really well, it looks pretty rockin'.

Not long after the drawknife I saw this cool hammer that Nick made. It was originally intended as a wooden plane hammer. I have a strange fascination with hammers and for some reason I collect them like ticks on a dog. The hammer is double annealed so its softness is perfect for  hitting wood. I've used this beauty on planes and chisels and it works like a charm. Sweet balance and wicked aesthetics make it the tool I reach for when wood needs a beating. 

About a month ago I saw a selection of kiridashi-style marking knives that he made. Typically these knives have a single-bevel but I asked Nick if he could make a custom ground double-bevel and as usual I got the 'no problem' answer. I met Nick at my favourite shawarma place the other day and he brought out this little beauty. He even personalized it for me with the Minimalist Woodworker logo using a laser. 

I 've dropped a few other tool ideas on him and I'm looking forward to seeing what he comes up with. In the mean time, I'm going to enjoy using tools that are crafted in a similar fashion as I work wood. BTW if your interested in Nick's stuff and want some of it then check out his site He has links on his site for social media as well. I will warm you - knowing a blacksmith gets expensive.

In order to understand, you must do. - V

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