Bit of a Fart in a Wind Storm

As the title would suggest, I feel like I've been all over the place lately. So many writing and building projects on the go and many new things happening in my shop. I started and ended another blog that hopefully none of you saw. I was concerned that as my shop grew that maybe you weren't going to be interested in this growth. There are machines making their way in and so my thoughts were "that's not very Minimalist". It was pointed out by many people (some more delicately than others) that I should focus on one blog and not split my time any more than I have. 

So there is going to be some non-minimalist content on my site. I'm growing and so should my blog. There will still be plenty of hand tool content ...  I'm not becoming a wood machinist. I still believe that hand tools in the shop can certainly be faster when working on one-off projects as I do. I just have the ability to bring in some apprentices now that I have the space.

There you have it. I'm done explaining and I hope you continue to enjoy what you see here. There are so many cool things happening here in my shop and I'm looking forward to boring you with them. Most importantly, always remember - In order to understand, you must do. 

- V

Vic Tesolin2 Comments