Heading for Indiana


Last year I received an email from Marc Adams asking if I would be available to teach at MASW. You don’t say no to a question like that so off I go. The class is called The Minimalist Woodworker: It All Starts with a Plane. 

You really develop a sensitivity when using hand tools to woodwork. Every nuance of the wood is experienced through a truly hands-on approach. For me, the ultimate experience is working wood with a tool that I made. There is something powerful about making a tool and then using that it to create other wood works. 

In future entries I will give more details on the individual tools we’ll be making including a wooden plane, plane adjusting hammer, shooting board and violin knife. I would be lost without these tools and making them myself makes them even more special.

So check out the course and sign up will ya? As usually with me, the class will be light-hearted and entertaining while learning a ton. I hope to see you there.

To understand, you must do. - V

Vic TesolinComment