Heading Back Down Under


I’ve been to Australia a couple of times now and this upcoming trip will mark my third visit. John Madden, the organizer of Wood Dust, has asked me to teach a Master Class at Wood Dust 2019. I’m excited to be a part of this event and it promises to be as awesome as last year’s inaugural running.

As always….a bit of Tom Foolery on my part.

As always….a bit of Tom Foolery on my part.

If you have spent any time with me before, you know that I like to have fun and I occasionally goof off as seen above. I have so much fun when I woodwork so I like to keep things light when I teach. Life is serious enough so why not have some fun eh?

WoodDust-17-Wed-Masterclasses-02 copy.jpg

Last year at Wood Dust I taught a class on inlay. This year, I will be talking about my take on design entitled “Design for Woodworking”. We will spend time learning to sketch, building maquettes and flexing the old design muscle a bit. Many folks are afraid of design because they think they have to get formal schooling on the subject in order to be good at it. The truth is, with a bit of guidance and some practice, you can unlock your inner designer and begin building furniture that starts as an idea in your mind.

So why not join us for a bit of fun, boost up your design chops and expand your woodworking skills?

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