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The Power of the Barter System

The Barter system has nothing really to do with Ron Barter however he is not excluded from it. Long before the days of money and credit cards, life was much simpler. As a  cabinet maker I would build you a harvest table. In exchange, you the farmer would deliver a basket of seasonal vegetables and grains weekly for that year. You got your table and I got food. Simple, non?

In today's marketplace it's not as simple as that. It's not likely that I can walk into my local grocer and trade a dovetailed box for a quarter of beef...I know, I've tried. However, I'm here to say that the Barter system is alive as well. 

I've been giving private woodworking lessons to a pretty talented guy named Jordan. Jordan is the Creative Director at my all-time favorite brewery Beau's. If you haven't tried any of their beers you are missing out and you should turn off your computer/tablet and go find some....go ...I'll wait. 

Anyhow...Jordan is the creator of their famous tractor logo as well as many others. Jordan and I bartered for each others services. I am teaching Jordan hand tool woodworking and Jordan is designing a new logo, website and other promotional pieces for my company The Minimalist Woodworker. As I type, Jordan is well on his way to making his first work bench with hand tools and I'm happy to show off part of my new logo that Jordan designed.

What you see here is the monogram that is part of my new logo. You'll have to stay tuned for the rest of it once my new web site launches. I leaked out this monogram on my various social media sites as the avatar and received some positive comments. I'm proud to be working with such a talented artist and I'm double-stoked that he has decided to take up woodworking.

There is going to be more new and exciting things coming down the pipe for The Minimalist Woodworker in the next month or two so keep an eye on my social media sites and here at the blog for more developments.

Do you have a story about the Barter system and how you both benefited from it? I'd love to hear it. 

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