So I finally got the two Inca's up and running. Half of the fun was building the stand for them. I originally was going to build an individual stand for the jointer and band saw but then got a bright idea. I built one big stand on wheels that now houses my jointer, band saw, thickness planer and router table. Not to mention plenty of other storage for other small power tools, router bits and whatever other crud I can stuff in there.

The jointer was surprisingly easy to set up and runs smoothly. In fact, the sound of it running reminds me of a much larger machine....kind of a low-pitched whir. You would never guess that it is a bench top machine. I was initially concerned with the finish that the two-knife cutter head would leave but surprisingly it left an acceptable finish...nothing a hand plane couldn't sort out with a few passes.

The band saw preformed equally as well. I replaced the metal blade guides with a set of custom cool blocks made by my friend Bob Dearlove at R&D Bandsaw. Finding Inca cool blocks is right up there with hen's teeth so I was quite thrilled when Bob said he would make them custom for the same price as his other more common sets. I also had to order new tires for the those from Eagle Tools in California. Now many people on the Inca users yahoo group claim to have problems keeping the blade on the tires. Mine seems to run just fine. I resawed the full depth of the saw then cut a bunch of curves in maple and it worked like a dream. The problem with band saws is that they take some time and know-how to set-up and tune properly...perhaps the members at the Inca user group should take a course with Michael Fortune on how to set up their saws.

All in all, I got two great machines for $600 that are the perfect size for my modest woodworking hovel. Now with two commissions coming up, these machines are going to get a good workout.