Woodworking has taken me to some strange places before, but the set of Canada AM is a new one for me. I was there from the 20th to the 24th of July doing daily segments on DIY fixes around the house. This was my first experience with television and I have to admit, that first day was quite nerve racking. Live TV doesn't offer much room for error. I've made a fool out of myself many times with smaller audiences but now I had a chance to do it in front of the nation. Despite all my nerves, things went really well. Seamus commented after the first segment that I did great and seemed really comfortable with it all. Little did he know that I had felt like falling over for the first 10 sec of the segment. I worked with Seamus and Marci all week and they were great fun to be around. Some of the best conversations were had during commercial breaks, seconds before going live.

As the days went on, things got easier and by Friday I has forgotten all about the cameras and just had a good time. We covered everything from changing out door knobs to replacing screens. The week was topped off by talking about how to take care of wood furniture. All the folks at CTV were great and made me feel at home. Everyone from the hosts to the crew was professional, personable and fun to be around. I would do it again in a heartbeat.

The only odd part was wearing makeup everyday...quite a change from just weekends.