It feels good to be in the shop again. With an ailing father and various other priorities it's been awhile since I've done some woodworking. Recently, I acquired a small lathe and needed to make a stand for it. Now don't panic. I haven't gone over to the dark-side of turning, I just wanted something to make small stuff for other projects or gifts and stuff like that.

Drawings for the stand
The stand I'm making will have trestle-style legs that will dovetail directly into the top to provide a solid connection. Combined with a center stretcher that will be mortised into the sides will make it pretty much bomb-proof. The dovetails are the biggest I’ve ever cut, so big that I had to use a tenon saw to get them done.

Beefy dovetail mallet
The material for the stand is pretty exotic and the sourcing was a bit of a nightmare. SPF 2 ‘by’ was a logical choice for the stand. It’s inexpensive, strong and very easy to work with. To add even more fun to this, I have decided to make it without the use of any power tools. I have found that lately I instinctively go to hand tools over the powered version. I think the reason this is happening is the overall experience in the shop. I like the relative quiet and the lack of dust flying around.

Because I no longer woodwork to provide for my family, efficiency is no longer the driving force in my shop so why not enjoy the time in the shop. Listening to music or the CBC is much better than the sound of routers and tablesaw.

I will post the finished product soon.

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