There are some jobs in the shop that you try to put off for as long as possible. After working all day in there today I’ve decided that the time has come ... my Baltic birch tool cabinet has to go. It’s not that I want it to go but it just isn’t holding my tools all that well any more. What used to be a system that had a place for everything now tends to have tools stacked in there without a home ... needless to say, it’s driving me nuts. I don’t like having a tools lying around all over the place because I have trouble finding things and then I get frustrated and have to double-up on my happy pills.

The cabinet won’t be a complete loss; the red drawer case will live under my bench and some of the various tool-specific holders could get built into whatever I build next. So the big question is: What do I build next?  I'm fairly sure that it won’t be another cabinet. Cabinets aren’t very adaptable and at the rate I buy tools I would probably just end up building another one a few years from now.

My next thought is to make an angled shelf that has parking spots laid out with narrow strips of wood tacked in place with pins. The strips would not be on permanently and could be reconfigured as tools come and go. This idea works well for planes but what about things like saws, mallets or measuring/marking tools. To quote Marvin the Martian, ‘Well, I guess its back to the old drawing board’.

The troubling part is that I usually don’t get this worked up when designing a piece of furniture yet trying to organize my hand tools is enough to send me into fits ... where did I put those pills anyways – hopefully their not in the cabinet somewhere.  Once I make some decisions I will keep you all posted – but with two commissions still on the go it’s not looking good for the next few months.