FRIDAY, JUNE 19, 2009 AT 7:56PM
Welcome to the first post on Vic's Wood Slivers. The whole point of this blog is to provide my personal thoughts on woodworking. Not that I feel that I have anything particularly interesting to say but after 10 years of woodworking and furniture designing and making, I have picked up some hard-won wisdom along the way.

My woodworking experience goes back to about ten years ago when I built my first piece of furniture. It was a side table for my daughter's room and it was, in a word, ugly. Despite my constant pleading, my family won't let me dispatch it to its rightful home...the fire pit. Every day, I look at this poorly designed and improperly proportioned mess and think of how far I have come.

Since that time, I've worked on my craft and have improved (I know that this is a point of debate). I was fortunate to have studied at Rosewood Studio under the tutelage of some pretty incredible craftsmen. My nine months there gave me the fundamentals to develop my craft. I have an affinity for hand tools and prefer to work with a hand plane instead of a sander. Don't get me wrong though, I use sanders when they are needed...I'm not so militant that I can't see the practicality of some power tools. I just prefer to reach for a tool that doesn't have a universal motor in it. I'm sure I will revisit this debate in future's a pretty hot topic amongst us woodworkers.

I believe that you can never know everything about anything, so I always keep my eyes open for new things to reveal themselves. In that spirit, writing this blog is my experiences as I see and try new things. I enjoy sharing information because that is how we learn...and of course, I welcome your comments and questions...I think.