A New Look

You have no doubt noticed that my website has changed around a bit. My old site was a paid site that cost me money every month to host. When I was making furniture for a living I had no problem justifying the cost but now that I'm a hobbyist, there isn't much sense in laying out money for nothing.

This new site is being hosted by Blogger and it meshes up nicely with all the other Google products that I use so it just made sense. It doesn't have as much functionality as the old site but I'm learning new things about it everyday. If you have any cool Blogger tricks that you would like to share, please send them along.

As for woodworking, in my last post I talked about selling my table saw and how liberating that was. I haven't missed it yet and I'm having no problem ripping on the bandsaw and cross-cutting at the bench. Lately I've been looking pretty hard at the jointer sitting across the way. It's an eight incher with very short beds (it's an Inca) and is somewhat limited in it's use. Anything wider and I have to flatten a face with a hand plane - anything narrower and I couldn't be bothered to connect the dust collection so again I just do it at the bench.

Next on the chopping block
So what's the big deal. It gets used once in a blue moon and to be honest, a little extra room would be nice. I know what your thinking, what's next? Well if I ditch the jointer that will leave me with three machines: the bandsaw, thickness planer and drill press. I don't see me getting rid of any of those any time soon. The bandsaw is just to useful; the thickness planer saves a metric ton of work; and the drill press is great for ... well ... drilling stuff. The drill press is also great for cutting mortises as well so it's safe.

The other cool opportunity this brings me is the chance to use my specialtiy planes more often. I spend a lot of time at work and wood shows testing and demonstrating the tools but I haven't often put them to use in my own shop. Up till now I've always described my woodworking style as 60/40 - that's 60% power tools and 40% hand tools. It would appear that those numbers are going to change.

In order to understand, you must do.