... and there it was, gone.

I did it.

After years of talking about doing it, I finally did it.

I got rid of my table saw.

I have nothing against table saws, I just don’t think it was a power tool that I could afford to have eating up valuable space in my shop. In my 170 sq ft shop that was 3.5% of the space taken up by that sucker - not to mention the ancillary sleds, jigs, blades and other miscellanea that went with it.

‘I don’t need it’ was what it boiled down to. Over the past year I looked at what I did with it and discovered that it really only got used for plywood. It also got used for cross-cutting parts but that’s about it. I’ve always ripped on the bandsaw and cross-cuts can happen at the bench with a back saw and shoot plane.

Heavy-duty ripping is easily done with this 5 TPI D-8 and a saw bench
As for joinery, I always used a router (powered or hand) for dados, grooves and rabbets, and tenons were always done with the band saw or hand saw. So before pulling the trigger I went through all the things that I used the table saw for and found a suitable alternative with the other tools in my shop. As for not working with plywood - meh.

This brand new Bad Axe Copperhead Killer will help with all of those exacting cuts for joinery
The days of having to make a living in my shop are long gone and I do woodworking now for fun and relaxation. Lately I've been having fun using hand tools and so I will follow that vain to see where it takes me. My next big project for the shop is to build a new workbench. Now that I'm using more hand tools, I'm finding that my old bench just isn't cutting it. Stay tuned for parts of that build. After that, it will be a long anticipated foray into lutherie - watch for that one too.

The empty space that will soon be home for a lathe - the roller stand will still be helpful at the bandsaw.
So now I have some open space in my shop that will probably get filled with the lathe that I bought a little while ago. As for the other machines, the band saw and thickness planer are safe but I’m looking at you jointer … you may be next. <laughs maniacally>

In order to understand, you must do.