Time For A New Bench

I've been thinking about building a new bench for about a year and a half now. My first bench was built early on in my woodworking journey and I hadn't really developed my method of work yet. At that time I just needed to get a bench to work on so I picked a style and went for it. Now that I have some time under my belt, I need something different. I work with hand tools a lot more than I used to so that is a definite consideration. I also have had an opportunity to work on many different benches with all sorts of vise configurations so I've been able to do a lot of comparison.

I've decided on a Nicholson-style bench with straight legs with a 12" Veritas twin screw vise. At the moment I don't think I'm going to put a tail-type vise. I found that I didn't use the one I have all that often so why bother. If you've ever seen Paul Sellers' bench you will get the idea. I spent a few weekends down at the wood shows in the US last year sharing a lecture stage with Paul and I got a chance to work on his bench. As far as benches go, it is pretty modest but I really like it. It's plenty stout despite being made of SPF and the size is perfect for my tiny shop. The most impressive part of this type of bench is how rock solid it is thanks in part to the legs being let in to the aprons with a dado.
Lots of glue was spread for these laminations
Now that I've got the lathe up and out of the way it's on to building this bench. This is the most important tool in my shop so I'm looking forward to getting it done. Today I laminated up the many 2 x 3's for the legs and the top. An soon as the glue dries I will start laying out the joinery to get the legs joined.

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