We've got a piper down....

Today in my shop started like it normally does. Tidy up the bench, put away stuff that I was too lazy to put away the last time I was in there and find a safe place for my coffee cup so I don't knock it onto the floor. This morning's task was to hone and polish the four new PMV 11 blades that I picked up this week as replacements for my old reliable O1 irons. As I reached for the blades sitting on the shelf beside my plane rack my hand came into contact with the handle of  my BU smoother and the unthinkable happened. The plane slid arse-first off of the rack and plummeted five feet to the concrete floor.

This all happened in slow motion or so it seemed as I stood by, unable to move, paralized by what I was seeing. It hit the floor and exploded. The lever cap, blade and adjuster scattered across the floor making a sound that made me feel sick. Not only did I not make an attempt to catch it before it hit the floor but I then stood there frozen, staring at the carnage for what was probably seconds but felt like hours.
Once I got my breath back I stooped over and picked up the parts, inspecting each component and preparing for the worst. The blade had a small nick in it - no problem there, I can fix that. The adjuster and lever cap were also okay so I turned my attention to the body. Everything metal was fine but the tote was cracked lengthwise. (I didn't think to take picture because I was in the zone similar to a fireman arriving to a nasty car crash - I needed to triage the damage and get started with the first-aid)

Three clamps to hold it all together
I got out the PVA and went to work. Thankfully the crack was clean and it went back together seamlessly. It appears that the tote took the brunt of the hit because it sits proud of the metal casting.

All the metal is good
The only mark left behind is the crushed fibers from the impact. I thought about taking those marks out with a spokeshave or rasp but thought better of it. I will leave that mark there as a reminder to be more careful with my tools. They deserve better than to hit the floor.

With everything reassembled, I'm happy to report that the plane works just fine. I on the other hand will need some time....

In order to understand you must do. V
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