How many routers does one guy need?

Just when I thought that I had enough hand routers I found a need for another. The other day I was teaching a class on making a saw bench at the Ottawa Lee Valley. One of the T-lap joints that needed mucking out was just a bit to wide for my router causing one side of it to float in the air which isn't ideal. A woodworking buddy of mine had a Stanley 71-1/2 router that was a full 2-inches wider than mine.

So of course I needed to have one.

My new 71 after some light cleaning

I called my local tool pusher and told him what I was after.

Like many vintage tools that originally game with many parts, the router is no exception. The type 11 Stanley 71 has a fence, depth stop and auxiliary foot that are all typically missing. Combination planes tend to be one of the few planes that you can find complete mostly because they were bought and seldom used. If you have ever tried to get a combination plane set up for use you will understand why.

Combination depth stop and auxiliary foot

This plane was quite clean and only needed a bit of oil to get it into service. 30 minutes of work and the plane was ready to go. The best part about this plane is that they take the cutters from my Veritas large router so I don't have to give up any versatility.

Veritas blades work just fine

Now that it's ready to go, I'm looking forward to get it earning its keep.

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