Not Enough Woodworking

I've been feeling sorry for myself lately. With a summer ram jammed with traveling for work and the upcoming Woodworks Conference, I haven't had much time to make in my shop. Fortunately the book I'm writing is on woodworking and there will be a few projects for me to work on. That means....back in the shop. I've got most of the design work done for the book and now it's time to prove the concepts out before I build the real things. This is always one of the fun parts of any project. Drawing things out, finding all the problems and making sure it all works. The projects for the Minimalist Woodworker are designed to help the budding or experienced woodworker to work in small spaces, with mainly hand tools. This type of woodworking isn't for everybody. It's hard work and requires patience and perseverance - but what skill doesn't. There is a learning curve to any new skill and working wood with hand tools in no different, but if you stick with it, the payoffs are huge. You'll be one of the few woodworkers who can work during a power outage or when the zombie apocalypse kicks up...'cause you know it will. I feel that working with hand tools brings you one step closer to the wood and results in a closer relationship with a project that you just don't get from CNC. I'm not dogging CNC's just not my bag.

I'm looking forward to some manual labor in the next few months. I'm also looking forward to sharing how I do things in my shop with you.

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