This Next One Is Going To Be A Biggie

Sorry for having to tease you along but I had to be sure before I said anything. The news is that I'm writing a book. I've been working with Matthew Teague from Spring House Press for the last couple of weeks and that work has resulted in what I think is going to be a pretty cool book.
The working title is The Minimalist Woodworker. The book will focus on working in small spaces with the minimum amount of power tools. Essentially the book will be structured around the way I work - a few key machines and a lot of hand tools. Most of us home shop hobbyists are not production woodworkers so we don't need the production tools. I think this book will also appeal to the condo/apartment-dweller who just wants to woodwork but feels they can't because of lack of space, not being able to run power tools and dust concerns.
There will be a series of projects in the book that will progressively use more skills and techniques all culminating in a final project. Many of these projects are for the shop...better to learn on shop furniture and appliances where you aren't too concerned about the way things look. This allows the reader to gain the skills without worrying about unattainable goal in my opinion.
I was fortunate to have studied with many of North America's top furniture makers while I was a student at Rosewood Studio and feel that it is my duty to pass on what I know and to help keep the craft alive. I will be keeping you updated on the book as I write it and be sharing some of the behind-the-scenes trials and successes.
I hope you follow along with this process....I couldn't be more stoked about this project. V

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