I've managed to get a fair bit accomplished in my relatively short life. I'm a veteran of the Canadian Army where I served for 14 yrs in the Royal Canadian Horse Artillery. I was a student at Rosewood Studio where I studied furniture design and making under the guidance of some of North America's top furniture makers. I ran my own studio furniture business designing and crafting furniture by commission  while working at Rosewood as a part time instructor and craftsman in residence. I realized that making the type of furniture I liked to make didn't make me much money so I went in search for a real job. I then took the helm at Canadian Woodworking magazine as editor.

Currently, I'm the Technical Advisor at Lee Valley Tools. I still design and build furniture in a modest studio in my home in Carleton Place, Ontario. Having a full time job allows me the ability to build what I want ... gone are the days of making things simply to 'pay the bills'.

I enjoy other things like photography, music (listening and playing), longboarding and being a dad and husband. My blog is primarily about woodworking but you never know what other stuff you'll see ... enjoy.
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