In order to understand, you must do.

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In order to understand, you must do.

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Who is Vic Tesolin?


I'm a veteran of the Canadian Army where I served with pride for 14 yrs in the Royal Canadian Horse Artillery. After my honorable discharge, I was a student at Rosewood Studio where I studied furniture design and making under the guidance of some of North America's top furniture makers. I ran my own studio furniture business designing and crafting furniture by commission while working at Rosewood as a part-time instructor and craftsman in residence. I realized that making the type of furniture I liked to make didn't make me much money so I went in search for a real job. I then took the helm at Canadian Woodworking magazine as editor.

Currently, I'm the Technical Advisor at Lee Valley Tools. When I'm not there I'm in my shop building furniture or in front of my computer writing articles for various publications. I'm the author of The Minimalist Woodworker, a book that encourages people who can't run machines because of noise, dust, lack of space or budget, to woodwork with hand tools. With a few more books in the hopper I should manage to stay out of trouble for awhile ... or not. 

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